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All Blue Buffalo products undergo extensive regulatory and quality diagnostics to ensure that each product upholds our commitment to produce the highest quality of pet food possible. Enjoy our library content containing clinical support, research, and product news.

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Managing Chronic Otitis Externa PSPP...Have You Heard About This Approach?

Diagnosing Cutaneous Adverse Food Reactions in the Allergic Patient: What’s New & What Works from a Dermatologist’s Perspective

Coaching Pet Owners Participating in Food Trials for Allergy Determination

The Role of Therapeutic Diets in Veterinary Medicine

Feline Chronic Gingivostomatitis in General Practice

Chronic Dermatitis in a Chantilly Cat

Chronic Allergic Dermatitis in a Pit Bull

Severe Dermatitis in a Shih Tzu

Chronic Obesity in a Terrier Mix

Publications Letter December 2023

Prescription Hypoallergenic Foods May Help More than Just Food Allergy

What's New in Veterinary Oncology

Principles of Bladder Stone Prevention

Blue Buffalo – Fear Free® Treat Ladder for Dogs

Management of Chronic Kidney Disease in Cats

Resource Guarding in Dogs: A Fear Free Approach

Canine & Feline Obesity: Managing Weight Loss

Body Condition Scoring Chart

Using Diet to Help Chronic GI Cases

Blue Buffalo NVD Clinical Report - Urinary Support

Obesity Affects More Than a Pet's Physical Health

Nutritional Management of Urolithiasis in Dogs and Cats

Know What They Are Eating Before Making a Diet Recommendation

Quality You Can Trust: BLUE NVD Formulas for Dermatologic Indications

Blue Buffalo NVD Clinical Report - Weight Management

The Power of the Treat Ladder

Blue Buffalo NVD Clinical Report - Gastrointestinal Support

Blue Buffalo NVD Clinical Report - GI Low Fat for Dogs

Blue Buffalo NVD Clinical Report - Mobility Support

Blue Buffalo NVD Clinical Report - Hydrolyzed for Food Intolerance

Blue Buffalo NVD Clinical Report - Novel Protein

Blue Buffalo NVD Clinical Report - Kidney Support

2020 BLUE AAVN Posters

Veterinary Therapeutic Elimination Diets

The Roles of Animal/Boarded Veterinary Nutritionists

Unsound Science: What Constitutes As Good or Bad Pet Food

What Does It Mean for Food To Be Quality Control Tested?

AAFCO Formulated and Tested: What You Need To Know

Label Red Flags: What You Should Have Pet Owners Look Out For

How To Utilize the Whole Veterinary Team For Nutrition Recommendations

Meals vs. Treats

Efficient and Effective Tips for Discussion Maintenance Nutrition with Pet Parents

Determining if a Diet Change Is Needed Check-List

Nutritional Management of Chronic Enteropathies in Cats

Ingredients or Nutrients?

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